Google Panda 4.0 has arrived, were your internet marketing efforts impacted?

As anyone in the SEO services business is well aware Google’s Matt Cutts made it official by announcing that Google was in the process of implementing algorithm updates. Normally, this would not be a particularly notable occurrence as they make algorithm tweaks thought out the year in an effort to improve search results. These smaller changes happen on an almost daily basis and normally have little effect on actual search results. Our client’s rankings are rarely effected by these minor modifications. This particular algorithm change was multi-faceted and impacted a far larger segment of search results.
The new algorithm change called “Panda 4.0” in keeping with Google’s established terminology was coupled with a secondary modification commonly referred to as the “Pay Day Loan Algorithm”. These particular changes build upon previous iterations targeting the same aspects of Google’s ever continuing quest to return the most relevant results for users. What makes this particular rollout unusual is the timing with Panda 4.0 being implemented almost simultaneously with the Pay Day Loan Algorithm. Two significant changes such as these have the potential to create headaches for business owners and challenges to the unprepared SEO Company. Fortunately for eBusiness Strategies clients we are ever vigilant in staying abreast of industry best practices to minimize the possibility of being impacted by an update.

These changes which began with the implementation of the Pay Day Loan Algorithm beginning sometime on the weekend of 5/17/2014 with a standard phased deployment. This algorithm targeted spammy, unnatural backlink anchor text. The impact of this particular update was not widely felt and was far more targeted toward more spam prone search queries. The effects were most widely experienced in international markets.

Following shortly thereafter on May 20, 2014 the Panda 4.0 phased deployment began. This particular update had a far more profound impact. As with previous Panda updates this algorithm targeted sites with thin, poor quality or duplicate content. It also appears to have focused somewhat on user experience in terms of layout and navigation to an extent. Some major companies such as Ebay were conspicuous casualties of this update losing very large numbers of page one organic search rankings as reported by .

The impact of these and many previous Google algorithm updates demonstrate quite clearly why business owners should choose carefully when selecting a Boca Raton SEO service provider. A company’s web property is far too valuable to entrust to internet marketing companies that do not use industry best practices for their clients. Please contact us by filling out this form for a free consultation and SEO analysis for your website.

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