Social media marketing, is your business as social as it needs to be?

Social signals are currently one of the more critical and oft overlooked items that Google measures when ranking a website. This post is intend to give a quick overview of the what, how and why of having an online social presence for a business. Search engines as a group have been increasing the weighting it gives to social signals as a means of confirming the authority of a particular website in a particular area of focus. Businesses that ignore this important aspect of online marketing risk falling behind the competition. Sites that do not have a social presence will see rankings begin to suffer more and more as the result of a lack of social signals.

What are social signals?

Very simply, social signals are mentions of a brand or website that occur on the various online social platforms like Google +, Facebook and Twitter.

How do you know if your business is social?

It starts with the basic assessment of the branded social businesses has in place. Every business MUST have Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn & Twitter pages, these are the essentials. Other aspects of a social assessment include looking at how a page is setup. Pages need to be search engine optimized (If you don’t know what that means you can either Google it for a definition or you can visit contact Boca Raton SEO Company eBusiness Strategies at 561-285-7371 and schedule an internet marketing consultation with experts). Pages need to be consistently branded. This means they must be an identical reflection of a business’ existing online brand. They need to be actively maintained and contributed to with fresh content that engages users. Google loves fresh, unique and frequently updated content!

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Let Us Make Your Business More Social In 2015

Why the focus on social signals?

It is all about market reach and usage numbers. Social websites like Facebook, etc. continue to grow and bring on new subscribers. They have also experienced enormous increases in usage of their products. In this tech driven society people utilize these social websites as a means to share information. This exchange of information is what has drawn Google’s attention as they have begun to correlate it to website rankings. Social signals are very much like a popularity contest. The line of thinking is like this, websites that have a large amount of social buzz must be extremely trustworthy and authoritative. People don’t recommend bad companies to friends. This all relates to trust which is a key component of website rankings. Social signals are referrals and a referral demonstrates a high degree of trust.

How can a company build a social presence?

• All businesses need a Facebook page, Google + page, LinkedIn Page and YouTube channel at the bare MINIMUM.
• Pages should be a clear representation of a company’s brand
• Online social media properties need to be search optimized, either by connecting with experts like Boca Raton SEO Company eBusiness Strategies or by someone familiar with current best SEO practices. Improperly built social media properties can hurt a business’ online presence.
• Social properties need to be regularly updated as a means of engaging users regularly. This important task is so very often an incorrectly handled part of social media use among companies.
• Customer reviews need to be monitored constantly and responses offered. A bad review can impact a business for lack of a quick response. Research has shown that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 negative experience. In other words, don’t let a negative review hurt your business!

This is by no means everything a company needs to consider with regard to social branding online, but it is a good primer on the subject. If nothing else we hope this has opened eyes to the importance of social media marketing for businesses.



*Terms and Conditions:

Offer is good for 1 SEO optimized page on 1 of the following social media platforms; Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn or Twitter for $29.95 payable in full, in advance. 1 revision is included with offer. Offer has no cash value and no substitutions are allowed. Customer must provide any logos or branding materials in .png format as no logo or branding design services are part of this special offer.

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