10 of the most popular SEW guest articles from 2015


Guest writers are a big part of Search Engine Watch, and they have contributed some excellent content in 2015. 

So, after a look in Google Analytics, I’ve put together the ten most popular posts from our guests. 

1. Mobilegeddon is coming on April 21 – are you ready?

In this post, Chuck Price provided some useful advice ahead of ‘mobilegeddon’. 

At the time, the coming ‘mobile-friendy’ algorithm was a reason for marketers (or at least a few) to panic. 

As it has turned out, non-mobile sites didn’t fall disastrously doen the mobie SERPs, and the effects, as far as we can see, have been relatively subtle. 

2. The best SEO tools: 2015 edition

In this post Marcela De Vivo rounds up some useful SEO tools. 


3. 11 SEO tactics you need to know in 2015

Pratik Dholakiya offered this advice in February. 

4. Meet the Egyptian repairman who outranked Google

Eyad Nour tells the fascinating story of the repairman who conquered Google with no SEO expertise. 


5. Mobile optimization and the Google algorithm change – seven steps to stay friendly

Andy Betts with some excellent tips on adapting to Google’s mobile update. 

6. How to optimize for keywords in 2015

Stephen Kenwright looks at how we should be targeting keywords. 

7. Attention keyword hoarders: you need to delete 98% of your AdWords keywords. Here’s why

Larry Kim explains why you need to keep an eye on the number of keywords in your AdWords account. 


8. Five SEO myths to forget in 2015

Some common misconceptions dispelled…

9. 16 ways to reverse-engineer your competitors’ organic SEO strategy

James Perrot explains how you can find out what your competitors are up to with their SEO strategy. 


10. Eight essential tools to simplify SEO for content marketing

Some useful ways to make the optimisation of your content easier. 



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