AdWords: Now Catering to Multi-Channel Advertisers


Historically AdWords has been a platform to help advertisers manage and scale Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Display Network campaigns.

However, with the introduction of new ad formats over the last few years – such as AdWords for Video and Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs) – Google also created separate interfaces for advertisers to manage these campaigns.

While change can be good, learning a new, disparate, and often higher-level interface can be a challenge for marketers who have mastered the AdWords platform and all of its granularities. Last week, with a newly re-designed logo, Google took note and enhanced the AdWords platform with a “re-design” of its own to help support multi-channel advertisers.

So – what’s new? Over the last few months, rollouts and upgrade options have allowed advertisers to begin managing multiple campaign types out of the AdWords interface.

Managing on one platform helps give us more of an overall view of our campaigns, but finding key metrics proved challenging – especially when measuring different key actions based on campaign type.

So last week Google introduced new reporting columns to help multi-channel advertisers quickly report on important ad interactions across all campaign types.

According to the Inside AdWords blog, the new columns to help measure success across multiple campaign types are as follows:

  • Interactions – An interaction is the main action people take with your ad format— such as clicks for text and shopping ads, views for video ads, and engagements for Lightbox ads.
  • Interaction Rate – Interaction rate is used to measure how often people interact with your ad after it’s shown to them—for example, clicks divided by impressions for text ads, or views divided by impressions for video ads.
  • Avg. Cost – Average cost is the average amount you’ve paid for your ads divided by total interactions—clicks divided by cost, or views divided by total cost.

For example, if in a Google Shopping campaign, the primary interaction you measure is a click and on a Video campaign, the primary interaction is a view. You can now use the “Interactions” column to see a combined total across your campaign types.

For easy viewing, Google has also added “Total” rows at the bottom of the AdWords interface. This allows you to see stats by campaign type, instead of just network.


Not only will these columns help us in our day-to-day management of campaigns and keeping a pulse on how we are doing cross-channel, but theoretically these new columns should also help lighten the load on the reporting front.

Have you used the new columns yet and if so, have you integrated them into your reporting? If so, let’s discuss more in the comments below.


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