Does Video Enhance Predictive Search?


Google introduced auto-complete more than 10 years ago, so predictive search has been a staple of search engines seemingly forever. But since YouTube has become the second largest search engine, predictive search has spread to video as well.

Travelzoo, a publisher of travel deals that also works as a search engine, recently put out a series of videos, #tzootips, focused on things like the best time of year to travel to Thailand, the cheapest night of the week to stay in a hotel, and when to fly to avoid delays. In their own way, the videos are predictive, answering the kinds of questions consumers would search on Google.

“There’s always push and pull with information,” says Justin Soffer, vice president of marketing at Travelzoo. “A lot of what search is, is people pulling – meaning they’re looking for something specific. What videos are doing is more of a push, telling people what to look for and showing them things.”