Happy holidays from Search Engine Watch!



As the year draws to a close and the Search Engine Watch team begin to sail perilously close to Health & Safety law by roasting chestnuts at their desks, all that’s left is to publish one final update before racing to the post office to send our letters to Santa*. 

All of us would like to say a huge thank you to all of you. Whether you are a reader (hi Steve), a contributor, a commenter or a malicious hacker, hell-bent on accessing our database in order to find out the secrets of my unpublished opus “4 and a bit ways to make images load a little bit quicker”, we genuinely appreciate you taking the time and energy to get involved. What can we say – without you we’re nothing.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our content this year (and if you’re the kind of Grinch who hasn’t, then let us know, we want to keep getting better at this), and we’re looking forward to a 2017 full of challenges, learning and general SEO-related hi-jinx.

Have a fantastic holiday season, we’ll see you cats in in the new year!


*We know our editor has had his heart set on this “Screaming Vase” for a while now. Unfortunately he’s on the naughty list. 


Matt Owen manages global social media at Shell, and is a director at Atomise Marketing. He’s been talking about himself in the third person and filling in as editor for the far more handsome Christopher Ratcliff for the past week or two. Why not say hi on Twitter? 

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