Nine useful mobile stats from ClickZ Live: Chicago 2015


This week, I had the opportunity to attend the ClickZ Live Digital Marketing Conference in Chicago to talk with some of the leaders in mobile design, advertising and engagement.

There was a ton of great information presented, but all in all, it came down to the stats shared and the questions they provoked. To see how well you’re playing the mobile game, let’s consider the stats alongside the questions.

Lindsay Sow, Mobile UX Engagement Manager, Google

Are you focusing on mobile? Do you have an ad budget specifically for mobile?

  • More than 51% of all digital time is now spent on mobile
  • Average time spent per day on digital devices is now 5.38 hours per day and an average ‘mobile moment’ is 60-70 seconds per usage, meaning an average person checks their phone 150 times per day

Are you developing content that fits into this window? In this timespan, how can you engage your potential customers?

  • 82% of smartphone users consult their phones while in store deciding what to buy

Are you only measuring mobile in terms of conversions, or are you developing more complex attribution to understand how an initial search may eventually impact a purchase in-store (or on another device)?

Blair Tapper, Group Director of Brand Partnerships,

Are you spending in mobile video? What types of content would customers like to see from you in video format?

  • Mobile video spend is increasing and is projected to be $17bn in 2015, with 52% of spend in the US market

Best practice tells you to design for horizontal video, but have you tested vertical video? Toward what age range does your audience skew?

  • 98% of mobile usage happens in portrait mode and the younger the user is, the more likely they are to use vertical video

Felicia Gardner, Agency Lead, Bing

Are you running your mobile campaigns on Bing? Do you have mobile bid adjustments in place to leverage this traffic appropriately?

  • The volume across Bing for mobile is as follows for 2015: 66% or ~1bn monthly searches come from iOS devices, ~220m monthly searches come from Windows Phones, ~300M monthly searches come from Android phones
  • More longer tail searches are occurring via voice search compared to text search, which is typically one to three words.

Are you looking at your search query reports to determine difference in keyword searches? Have you considered expanding your keyword match types to account for longer tail keywords?

  • Bing saw a 29.50% increase in click growth and a 63.43% increase in CTR YoY (2014 vs. 2015) for their mobile search results

Are you mobile campaigns optimized to encourage users to click? Are you using all mobile ad extensions in search, including sitelinks, location extensions, call extensions and app extensions? Combining extensions increase CTR on mobile ads, as shown on the heat map below…


Do you understand how consumers are searching for your brand prior to a sale? Are they looking for any information that you can provide to help encourage a conversion later in their purchase journey?

  • 75% of digital users in the US access the internet across devices, but many of them begin on mobile, but are more likely to complete a final conversion on a larger screen (desktop)

Hope you enjoyed the recap of the most interesting mobile stats presented at the Chicago ClickZ Live Conference. As always, please feel free to leave comments or questions below.


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