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The future of Google and what it means for search

30-second summary: Something that all of us in the search industry are guilty of is our over-reliance on Google telling us what is coming next. Understanding Google’s considerations as a business, provide context to many of its recent decisions and provides a sense of what is coming down the road. Global digital agency Croud’s Organic […]

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Taking your SEO content beyond the acquisition

30-second summary: The typical advice around merely improving on the content already ranking at the top of the SERP is fundamentally flawed. SEOs often limit their content possibilities by thinking of SEO content from purely acquisitional point of view. Thinking of content from a branding perspective leads to differentiation and aligns with Google’s focus on […]

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Eight great ways to audit your ecommerce site’s SEO

30-second summary: Optimizing your ecommerce site’s SEO is essential to maximizing your ecommerce site’s traffic and revenue potential. Improve your SEO by structuring your website and page in a way that is easy for Google to understand. Pagespeed optimization is a necessity, not an option, with the upcoming algorithm change. Writing a relevant, informative blog […]

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Four expert digital marketing strategies to convert bottom-funnel prospects

30-second summary: To convert bottom-funnel prospects, must combine data-backed remarketing with product experience demonstrations, exclusive offers, and relevant upsell opportunities. The first one determines who you should target while the rest three explain how to target them. Dynamic remarketing on (Facebook and Google) allow you to target prospects who have previously visited your website or […]

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Should you use Google’s updated Disavow Links tool?

30-second summary: In early November, Google made a UI update to its Disavow Links tool. The core functionality hasn’t changed, meaning that some SEO practitioners will continue to use it incorrectly. Disavow continues to have no impact on fixing negative SEO and often won’t make your website do better in search. However, it can reduce […]

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What to expect from SEO in 2021?

30-second summary: The pace of technological advances and progress in the SEO sector isn’t slowing down, and you should expect major changes and updates in 2021. Google has already announced two algorithm updates slated for March and May 2021. There are various trends for SEO in 2020 like UX SEO and feature snippets which appear […]

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